Systems Integration

Motorized Rollers

    Bohnert Equipment Co. has the capability to integrate your processing with any of our material handing equipment. Since we have access to a wide range of equipment, Bohnert is able to integrate equipment such as conveyor, cranes, lift tables, turntables, vertical conveyors and many other types of equipment.

    Also, a way to reduce employee interaction and increase consistency is to employ automation. One common example of automation is sorting systems, such as would be used by the major package handling companies. These systems can transport your product from point A to point Z accurately, which reduces employee handling times.

    In the case of storage automation, automated storage and retrieval systems can be employed to store products vertically using dense storage spaces and reducing the need for forklift and worker traffic.

    So, please remember to contact Bohnert Equipment Co. for your systems integration and automation needs.

    Here are a few of our benefits:
  • Cut operational costs and labor.
  • Provide a more ergonomic work environment. Reduce worker compensation claims.
  • Better handle surges in order volumes
  • Increase productivity of your employees by always having work available.
  • Free up floor space
  • Reduce the order to fulfillment cycle time.
  • Modular, scalable solutions that can easily be modified as your business changes in the future.

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