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January 18, 2011
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Less hassle....More Savings: Linde LP Forklilfts 
Are you interested in:
  • Reducing your LP fuel costs by up to 50%?
  • Linde 5000 Lb Cushion Tire LPReducing tire wear by 4 to 1?

Are you experiencing:

  • Brake problems
  • Transmission issues
  • Steer axle breakdowns

If any of these apply to you, call

Bohnert Equipment.......we can help.


For more information or a quote, contact your local sales representative at Bohnert Equipment Company.

(502) 584-3391 or 1-800-BOHNERT

Product Spotlight: Gorbel G-Force
 Intelligent Material Handling 
Gorbel G-Force    

An international distributor of sustainable, environmentally friendly office space had recently opened a new facility and was looking to optimize the safety of its employees in high risk applications. One of the first areas targeted was the receiving area for raw materials, which handles incoming sheets of glass. 


- Takes more than 1 worker to lift and move glass manually

- Injuries to hands and fingers while manually lifting

                                        - Great potential for product damage

Solution: The company purchased a G-ForceĀ® Q with 330 pound lifting capacity and a remote mounted handle integrated with a Schmalz vacuum lifter.


"I am very happy with it," said one of the operators. "Especially on the larger pieces of glass, it saves us a lot of personnel time. We're able to run things a lot smoother, able to move from job to job and not worry about maneuvering the a-frames because of the different sizes of glass."G-Force Glass Handling

With the G-ForceĀ®, there have been no injuries, we've improved productivity, and have had no product damage.

"Worker safety was number 1, and that's been successful. We were able to move the second worker to another operation which improves our productivity. And finally, when you're handling glass you worry about damage - and we haven't had any."



For more information about the Gorbel G-Force and other related products contact our Engineered Products division and ask for John Crush (Sales Manager) @ 502-551-1589.

Also, Bohnert's crane service department is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and our technicians can work on any style and brand of crane or hoist.  If you are looking for crane service contact our Crane Service Manager Ted Little @ 502-584-3391.




Monthly Special: Pallet Jacks 

Linde Pallet Jack 
         Bohnert Pallet Jack   $350.00
       (2 Standard Sizes)
           $50 Delivery...........or Free Pick-Up 
           Lead Time: In-Stock            

        *Special good through February 18.

Featured Used Forklifts

Linde 5500 Electric Cushion w Double (Used)Linde 6500 Lb Electric Cushion w Turner (Used) Crown Stand-Up Forklift (Used)
 Make: Linde                                       Make: Linde                                      Make: Crown
 Type: Electric Cushion Tire               Type: Electric Cushion Tire               Type: Stand-Up Forklift
 Capacity: 5,000 Lbs                          Capacity: 6,500 Lbs                         Capacity: 3,500 Lbs
 Mast: 88"/187" (Triple)                      Mast: 82"/185" (Triple)                      Mast: 91"/208" (Triple)
 Model: E25C/600                               Model: E30P/600                               Model: RC
 Attachment: None                             Attachment: None                             Attachment: SS 
 Includes: Battery & Charger              Includes: Battery & Charger             Includes: Battery & Charger
 Price: $12,500                                   Price: $19,900                                   Price: $9,200                     

Bohnert has a wide range of continually changing used forklift inventory.  Prices will vary based on year, model, condition and previous runtime.  To find out more, please call and ask about our wide range of USED LIFTS for BUY, LEASE OR RENT.

For your material handling needs call Bohnert! 

Engineered Solutions
Territory Manager: Chris Green                      Email
Office: (502) 584-3391                                     Cell: (502) 553-8793
Mobile Equiment
Territory Manager: Robert Hughes                 Email:
Office: (502) 584-3391                                     Cell: (502) 338-6630                            

Crane Service
Service Manager: Ted Little                           Email:
Office: (502) 584-3391

Forklift Service
Service Manager: Richard Flickner                Email:
Office: (502) 584-3391

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