Dock Accessories

Truck Restraint
  • Protects against unexpected truck movement
  • More than 50,000 Lbs of Restraining Force
  • 12” to 30” Operating Range
  • Electric or Manual models
  • Electric models have automatic pushbutton control or with dock leveler

Dock Boards & Plates
  • Dock Boards are for use with powered equipment
  • Dock Plates are for use with hand trucks and pallet jacks
  • Up to 40,000 Lb Capacity
  • Lifting loops in top available for forklift portability
  • Steel or Aluminum models
  • Both are held in place by either a locking leg or pin

Rail Boards

  • For use on all types of railway box cars
  • Up to 80,000 Lb Capacity
  • Steel or Aluminum models
  • Use self-positioning spacer rings to set into position
  • Forklift portability via lifting loops in top of board
  • Lifting loops fold flat into recessed pockets

Dock Bumpers

  • Molded or Nylon reinforced rubber truck tire material
  • For installation can be welded or lag anchor bolted to dock
  • Several sizes to accommodate most applications

Dock Shelters

  • Made to resist skidding while blocking the rotation of vehicle tires
  • Molded rubber
  • Required by OSHA for personnel entering trailers
  • Available in Orange or Black

Yard (Forklift) Ramp

  • Designed to access a trailer or loading dock via forklift from level ground
  • Up to 60,000 Lb Capacities
  • 72” or 84” Overall Width (Standard)
  • Heavy-duty structural steel sub frame
  • Double acting hydraulic lifting pump for fast raising and lowering
  • 18” diameter heavy-duty molded rubber wheels

Curb Ramps

  • Designed for personnel access to trailers
  • Up to 3,000 Lb Capacities
  • Up to 37” usable Width
  • 3’ to 16’ nominal Lengths
  • 2 heavy-duty safety hooks included
  • Aluminum construction helps to reduce weight for portability

Curb Ramps

  • Allows dollies to go from a curb to level ground
  • 1,000 Lb Capacity
  • Two opposing handles for portability
  • Only 9 Lbs Weight
  • Yellow (Standard)

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